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Fabulist Theatre is a non-profit theatre company run by passionate individuals who are dedicated to bringing interesting works to the Vancouver stage. We are dedicated to involving people from all backgrounds in our casting and the creative process.

Our Mandate

We hope to provide opportunities to performers of all races, ages, genders and abilities.
We will perform works that are rarely performed and present our favourites in new and exciting ways.
We strive to tell everyone’s stories, and create new platforms to nurture the widespread talent in our city.
We will provide honorariums for all artistic and technical contributions.





Blood Rage Mode is a supernatural audio drama  set in a reimagined current day Vancouver, following the adventures of three best gal pals: AG, the short tempered but fiercely protective werewolf with a mysterious, lone wolf past; SELENE, the indecisive city witch torn between magical majors; and AVELINE, a half-vampire/elf with a peculiar blood disorder, putting her in a deep sleep one hundred years for every ten she is awake. 


Writer/Actor CK Kaur created this world in response to the parallels between stories of “supernatural” people in fictional stories, and the real lives of marginalized people, especially POC. Blood Rage Mode twists stereotypes, and defies typical fantasy tropes to create an empowered story for the traditionally voiceless, that better reflects the diverse world we live in. As a second generation Canadian woman of color, Kaur knows firsthand what it means to live within many different worlds occupying one space. 


Director/Actor Junita Thiessen shares this second generation status, and is thrilled to bring the diverse city of Vancouver to life with electric audiscapes and enchanting story telling. Vancouver finally plays itself as the magical, urban sprawl it truly is, 


Blood Rage Mode premieres JULY 25TH in SUMMER 2021. 


in 2020/2021

Another digital cabaret with TV as its central theme. Featuring a North American Cast from across Canada and the United States, this show featured individual and group numbers from shows with musical episodes, theme songs and stand alones such as RIVERDALE, How I Met Your Mother, The Simpsons and more!

CTC Awards
The CTC Awards are produced by the Community Theatre Coalition to recognize excellence in community theatre in the GVRD. This year Fabulist co-produced the ceremony.
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Friends Of Dorothy:

A Pride Cabaret

Topsy Turvy 2:

A Re-Imagined Disney Cabaret

Recorded LIVE May 24th, 2020

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We are currently casting for our upcoming audio play.


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Past Productions

Fabulist Theatre has been active in the GVRD since 2017.

We have produced an eclectic mix of musicals, plays, cabarets and staged readings 

featuring a wide range of emerging and established performers. 


The Musical Episode: A TV Themed Cabaret

Online Streaming 

The Mad Ones (Digital Theatre Lab)

Online Digital Lab November 2020

Friends Of Dorothy: an LGBTQIA+ Cabaret

Online Streaming August 2020

Topsy Turvy 2: A Re-Imagined Disney Cabaret

Online Streaming June 2020


The Untold Legend Of Imogen Flight

February 27 - March 7, 2020 @ CBC Studio 700

Dracula: A Modern Radio Play

October 25 - 27, 2019 @ CBC Studio 700

Broadway Bops

August 18, 2019 @ Columbia Theatre

Topsy Turvy: A Twisted Disney Cabaret

August 2, 2019 @ Havana Theatre

Better Than This: The Evolution Of Women in Musicals

February 28 - March 9, 2019 @ Havana Theatre

A Festivus Cabaret 

December 16, 2018 @ Kitsilano House Hall

Our Time: An Empowerment Cabaret

August 17 - 19, 2018 @ Kitsilano House Hall

Hearts & Stones 

June 6 & 13, 2018 @ The Heritage Grill

Once On This Island

April 6 - 14, 2018 @ RedGate Revue Stage

Dim Sum Diaries

November 27, 2017 @ Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Songs For A New World

March 23 - April 1, 2017 @ PAL Theatre



Who We Are


Mary Littlejohn

Co-Artistic Director, Co-Founder, President

Mary is an interdisciplinary artist and has been creating and performing since age 4. She is a graduate of Capilano University's Musical Theatre Program.

For Fabulist :

Co-Director - Songs For A New World (2017)

Production Manager/Producer - Once On This Island (2018)

Director/Writer - Hearts and Stones (2018) 

Director/Writer - Better Than This (2019)

Director/Writer -

The Untold Legend of Imogen Flight (2020)

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