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A remote musical collaboration featuring 20+ contributors, performing songs from Adventure Time: Distant Lands, Community, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Dawson's Creek, The Flash, Flight Of The Conchords, Galavant, Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Julie and the Phantoms, Once Upon A Time, Riverdale, Sesame Street, The Simpsons, Smash, Steven Universe, Supernatural, Vikings and more!

These performers came from all over Canada and the USA, with the majority coming from BC and Ontario.

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Sarah Nairne* (she/her)

Gryphyn Karimloo (he/him)

Lizzie Song (she/her)

Karin Atkinson (she/her) 

Sari Rosofsky (she/her)

Rose McNeil (she/her)

Kiana Douglas (she/her)

Kylie Fonacier (she/her)

Anne-Marie Krytiuk (she/her)

Jhonika Wright (she/her)

Mida Maleki (they/them)

Jill Raymond (she/her)

Enrique Garcia (he/him)

Erika Thompson (she/her)

Zakiah Dumansky (she/her)

Brook Hill (he/him) & Nessie Aly Hill (she/her)

Dann Wilhelm (he/him)

Hannah Tahami (she/her)

Junita Thiessen (she/her)

Jeff Hoffman (he/him) 

Kate Malcic (she/her) 


*Member of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association

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