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Tall tales of pirates, nuns, Queen Victoria and epic sword fights, The Untold Legend Of Imogen Flight is a swashbuckling feminist comedy for our time. On the day Imogen Flight is set to be knighted by Good Queen Vic, the patrons of the ladies-only Saucy Chicken pub share stories of their heroine. When Imogen herself shows up, along with her trusty sidekick Volta, she comes with more stories of her own... and someone on her trail, with nefarious intentions... 

The Untold Legend Of Imogen Flight was nominated for 8 CTC Awards (including Best Production - Comedy/Drama), and won 3, including Best Actress In A Leading Role (Shakira Shute) and Best Actress In A Supporting Role (Helen Martin).

Imogen Cast Photo (1).png



Shakira Shute as Imogen Flight 

Junita Thiessen as Volta 

Mallory James as Eleanor/Umbriel 

Helen Martin as Isla & Others

Chandni Appadurai as Saifi & Others

Christine Roskelley as Barb & Others

Eryka Alanna as Jane & Others

Niki Kennedy as Lucy & Others

Monica Maia as Nancy & Others

Louisa Phung as Marigold & Others




Director/Writer: Mary Littlejohn 

Fight Choreographer: Sylvie La Riviere

Costume Designer: Jenna Johnson

Stage Manager: Andy Sandberg

Assistant Stage Manager: Dionne Phillips

Graphic Design (Poster): Damon Bradley Jang

Promotional Photography: John Ball, Dionne Halyk

The Voice Of Rhys (alternating nights): Damon Bradley Jang, James MacDonald, James Penco, Jess Redmond


Donations during the run were collected on behalf of Sheway (

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