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HOMING IN: A Mosaic Musical

HOMING IN has been in the works since February 2022. Inspired by the online collaborative musical sensations of TikTok (Ratatouille, The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical), Fabulist Theatre put out a call to see who would be interested in co-creating and/or performing in a new musical collaboratively, with the intent to put it up online as one cohesive "show."


The Mad Ones Lab Poster Oct 2020 .png



Katie Crompton ~ Lauren Davies ~

Maraya Franca ~ “Nessie” Aly Hill ~

Damon Bradley Jang* ~ CK Kaur ~

Mikayla Kwan ~ Emily Makudi ~

Devon More ~ Winona Myles ~

Ricardo Pequenino ~ Marga Rillo ~

William Rourke ~ Leslie Stark ~

Corvyn Steel ~ Junita Thiessen ~

Andrew Wade



Wendy Chan ~ Claire Davis ~ Olivia Etey ~ Maraya Franca ~ Kylie Fonacier ~

Laura Anne Harris ~ “Nessie” Aly Hill ~

Mikayla Kwan ~ Christine ML Lee ~

Mary Littlejohn ~ Kate MacColl ~

Emily Makudi ~ Alex Masse ~ Devon More ~ Winona Myles ~ Ricardo Pequenino ~

Aaron Cadam Samuels ~ Leslie Stark ~

Jack Stone ~ Andrew Wade



Chantal Gering ~ Damon Bradley Jang ~

Mary Littlejohn ~ Junita Thiessen

Based on some responses given the broad theme of "Home," the Fabulist Artistic Team (Chantal Gering, Damon Bradley Jang, Mary Littlejohn, and Junita Thiessen) fashioned a storyboard/skeleton of a premise and plot and then sent prompts on to brave creators who would then write a scene or song and send it back to be put into the mosaic script. The completed pieces were then given to the performers. Some creators even performed their own pieces within the context of the show!

The story centers around Melody, a young art student struggling with her overprotective single mother and yearning to break free. She meets a busker, Ronnie, and soon moves into a welcoming communal home filled with other young people, where Melody finds the family she has been craving, and the freedom to be herself.

HOMING IN was presented online from June 3 - July 11, 2022. All funds received from ticket sales were shared amongst the creators and performers.

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