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Investigative journalist Harker and his fiancée, Mina, have uncovered a bone-chilling story which tells of night stalkers, terrible illnesses and great beasts. Dispatched by his mysterious employer on a hunt for the truth, Harker journeys deep into the rural Carpathian mountains. There, with a group of deranged vampyre hunters, Harker discovers he must thwart the source of the evil itself: Dracula.


Performed as a radio-play reading complete with chilling sound effects, this unique re-telling of Bram Stoker’s original horror story made for a Fabulist Halloween production. 

DRACULA 2019 Poster.png



Steven Simpson as Jonathan Harker

Kathryn Robinson as Mina

Lennora Esi as DeVille & others

Nemo Cartwright* as Van Helsing & others

Ella Story as Renfield & others

Omer Aubin as Arthur Hollywood & others

Alexander Zavorotny as Morris Quincey & others


*appearing with special permission from ACTRA/UBCP


Directed by Damon Bradley Jang

Adaptation by Adam Darts

Donations during the run were collected on behalf of Artists For Mental Health (

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