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A staged reading of Dim Sum Diaries by Mark Leiren-Young (Shylock) was performed at the Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant in November, 2017. In addition to a full dim sum dinner, guests enjoyed a silent auction, raffle and talkback session with the playwright himself.  Originally a radio play, told in monologues, Dim Sum Diaries is an examination of various perspectives on how Vancouver has changed or is perceived to have changed, due to the influx of immigrants from Hong Kong. Thoughts and feelings regarding this topic remain as relevant and controversial now as when the play first aired 25 years ago. 

DSD Show 2017 Poster.png



Chris Carson as Ray

Stephanie Cho as Jenny

Mark Ferns as Brian

Karen McNee as Karen


R.G. Miller* as Robert


Directed by Mary Littlejohn

Produced by Damon Bradley Jang 

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